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As your external e-commerce department, we provide the necessary infrastructure and expertise to dynamically develop your online business. Our services in marketplace management, logistics optimization, and branding strategies are aimed at your sustainable growth and success in the digital landscape.

Become a marketplace champion with our broker service

What is the broker model?

In the dynamic world of online marketplaces, we offer comprehensive support from content creation to campaign optimization and logistics. Our broker service relieves you of challenges such as product placement and demanding logistics, optimizes your marketplace presence, boosts sales, and allows you to focus on your core business.

What advantages do I gain from a broker?

The broker model provides comprehensive care for your online marketplace activities, combining services like logistics and marketing. It differs from specialized agencies and the Amazon Vendor model in that you retain full control over brand, products, and customer relationships.

Proven expertise: Our products, your advantage!

We leverage our practical experience from our own product lines to test strategies and innovations directly in the market. Thus, we offer you proven solutions instead of merely theoretical knowledge, utilizing our extensive market experience to boost your success.

Solution packages tailored to your problem

Customers like you are often faced with the following issues:Problemen konfrontiert:

Lacking online visibility due to insufficient positioning

We'll help you strengthen your brand and improve your online presence.

Insufficient presence in the online market

We support you in opening up new markets and improving your marketplace strategies.

Restrictions due to regulatory market conditions

With our experience in regulated markets, we are the right partner for you.

Suboptimal performance on digital marketplaces

We help you to increase your visibility and competitiveness.

Complications in end-customer logistics

We support you in expanding your supply chains and online distribution/B2C shipping.
The ideal Updike solution package for your problem:Lösungspaket für Ihr Problem:

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Marketplace management

Marketplace management is the core of our services and essential for project success. We combine market knowledge and strategies to ideally position your products and lay the foundation for joint success.

project management

Our project management focuses on direct customer contact. We focus on transparent communication and promote cooperation on equal terms. Through the reliability and flexibility of our team, we ensure that your projects are implemented efficiently and in accordance with your requirements. The central points of our project management:
  • Transparent and honest communication
  • Reliability in implementation
  • Flexibility to meet customer requirements
  • Quick and adaptable action
  • Collaboration on equal footing

Strategic marketplace advice

Our marketplace consulting focuses on individual analysis and strategy development. We assess your competitive environment and optimize the visibility of your products in order to position them effectively in the market.

Get insight into your key KPI's at any time

Our advanced customer dashboard provides full visibility and control with real-time insights into your projects, without pre-selection. It enables transparent performance evaluation through direct measurability and aggregates all important data for a comprehensive overview. A crucial tool for efficient collaboration and accurate progress tracking.

Monitoring marketplace fees

We closely monitor marketplace fees to ensure that you are always treated fairly. Our team actively fights against miscalculations and continuously reviews fee structures to ensure your profitability.

Trends, updates and news

We regularly inform manufacturers about the latest features and content trends on online marketplaces. In addition to up-to-date information, we offer tailored recommendations on how to use these innovations effectively. Whether it's implementing new features or adapting to current market trends, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support and ensure that you can optimally benefit from every innovation.

Content marketing

In content marketing, we combine SEO-optimized texts to highlight your products in search results, with compelling images that create customer interaction. This combination is one of the keys to your digital success.
Gallery images

Gallery images

Impress your customers with meaningful gallery images. Use high-quality photographs to visually underline your products.
Promotional videos

Promotional videos

Increase your brand reach with compelling promotional videos. Use visual storytelling to dynamically promote your products.
Packaging design

Packaging design

Optimize your logistics costs with an adapted packaging design for online retail.


Increase the visibility of your offers on marketplaces with search engine optimized texts.
Brand Story & Shop

Brand Story & Shop

Present your brand digitally with Amazon Brand Story & Brand Stores. Present your products and brand story in a personalized shop.
Advanced brand content

Advanced brand content

Boost sales with Amazon A+ content. Use rich media and detailed descriptions to increase customer loyalty.
A/B testing

A/B testing

Optimize the impact of your images with A/B comparisons. Compare different visual content to perfect your customer experience.
Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images

Connect your products with emotions through lifestyle images. Use authentic scenes to enrich the brand experience.

Media management

In media management, we use advertising as an accelerator for your visibility, to secure your brand and to expand your market shares.


Logistics is the foundation of online trade, essential for a smooth process. Due to our established structures, we are capable of shipping a multitude of small orders on time.

Amazon FBA

Using “Fulfillment by Amazon” for seamless, efficient and end-customer-friendly logistics and delivery of your products.

Amazon FBM

The use of our own logistics structure for optimised and supplementary logistics and delivery of your products.

Inventory planning

Strategic inventory planning that ensures optimal product availability and minimizes inventory costs.

Returns processing

Quick processing and revaluation of returns. Using and recording customer feedback for continuous optimization.

Pre-FBA service

The transformation of your standardized B2B sales units into marketplace-optimized shipping units.

Repackaging, adding inserts and creating bundles

Optimize your share of the shopping cart field on marketplaces by individualizing your offers.


The high level of automation on the part of marketplaces can erroneously lead to errors on product pages and product blockages. Quick and reliable troubleshooting is therefore essential.


Take advantage of online retail opportunities to expand your products to new countries. Our infrastructure enables you to tap into global markets and fully exploit your growth potential.

Marketplace expansion

Expand your customer base by serving more online marketplaces. Together, we evaluate the potential of your products on other marketplaces so that we can use them efficiently with our existing structure.
To the potential assessment

Digital branding & webshop solutions

Discover digital branding and innovative online shop solutions with us as soon as online trade is of high strategic relevance to you.

Our clients' successes

mookrook: Product development on the market instead of laboratory


New product success rate

> 30%

TACOS launch costs

In order to optimize the product range, the focus was on customer feedback and inefficiencies in online retail. The aim was to develop products that are based on customer requirements and at the same time are economically promising, based on various key figures specific to e-commerce. As a result, the offering could be effectively expanded and improved.

PIC: Brand development with an e-commerce first approach


Shopping cart value

-127k €

Charges per year

-3.5 t

packaging material per year

Originally designed for retail sales, the products were not optimally designed for online retail, which led to an inefficient cost structure. To address this, a new product line optimized for e-commerce was developed, including redesigned color and graphics, customized packaging, and a redefined range of services. This significantly improved online presence and cost structure.

Aeroxon: From retail market leader to online bestseller

4 out of 6

Bestsellers in niches


Visibility of all products (Amazon page 1.)


Brand management on marketplaces

Aeroxon met trade challenges in online trade caused by small retailers with price dumping and outdated marketing methods. The cooperation was aimed at regaining brand control and updating the brand image. Aeroxon strengthened its brand presence and customer perception through adjusted offer structures and extensive advertising management.
a blurry image of a plane flying in the sky

Our pillars for a trusting partnership

Trust is at the core of our approach. We rely on essential pillars to ensure a strong and effective partnership. These fundamental principles are the key to a successful and focused collaboration in the digital world.
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Partnership on equal footing

We maintain a collaboration in which every vote counts and joint successes are celebrated.

Transparent collaboration

We maintain open and continuous communication with you to provide clarity and proactively address challenges.

Tailored goal definitions

Discover solutions that are specifically tailored to your business goals.

Reliable focus on results

Our focus is on measurable success and consistent quality to strengthen and justify your trust with every project.

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